Unika Staircase Jig


The Unika Staircase Jig cuts open tread and closed tread stair profiles

Incorporates a universal router base with four radius bushes

Any popular router will work with the jig

Stair jig Contents

  • 12mm thick stair jig marked for closed and open stair treads
  • Sliding pegs, threaded rod and connecting bar.
  • Router sub-base with four radius bushes (in two sets) to achieve the correct router offset
  • A bag of screws to fit most routers.
  • Instructions on the design of the stair and the use of the jig.

British Standard BS 585 Part 1, 1989 Wood stairs, and the Building Regulations Approved Document K 1991 are used as a guide.

Additional information


  • Make sure all cables are clear of the router.
  • Make sure the work piece is correctly supported.
  • Always use protective goggles when using the router.
  • Do not switch router on with blade touching the work.
  • Never remove the router when it is switched on and moving.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions to the path of the router.


  • Never try to cut more than 10mm depth on one cut.
  • Do not force the router too fast. This can damage expensive router bits.
  • Never remove the router from the jig whilst it is in motion. Always allow router to stop and switch off before removing.
  • Ensure that the section of the worktop to be routed out is well supported from below.
  • If routing for a long period of time, we advise that ear protection is worn.

Download Instructions

Click on the icon above to download a PDF document with written instructions for this jig.