Unika Compact Laminate Jig


Key Features:

  • The New Compact Laminate worktop Jig will cut a discreet 10mm deep, 90° mitre joints into compact laminate worktops.
  • Bolt slots can be cut to accommodate the Unika toggle bolt which will act as a clamp and hold the joint together.


  • 600, 616 and 630mm worktops
  • 90° left and right joints
  • 3 bolt slots – for Unika toggle bolt

Directions for Use:

Follow the instruction manual and practice on off cuts if required.

Consumer Benefits:

The new Compact Laminate Jig works in conjunction with the Unika Compact Laminate Worktop Installation Kit which includes TopSeal, the correct toggle bolts, Linseed finishing oil etc. Using both together will ensure a perfectly jointed Compact Laminate Worktop.

Product Advantages:

  • Designed in conjunction with fitters the new Compact Laminate Worktop Jig is engineered to the highest standards.
  • Machined on the latest CNC machine using diamond cutters for accuracy and a smooth finish.
  • Made from 12mm hardwearing compact laminate, it is guaranteed never to warp.

Download Instructions

Click on the icon above to download a PDF document with written instructions for this jig.