Unika Cabinet Hinge Jig


Key Features:

  • This jig is used to recess a 35mm hole cut out for cabinet hinges in kitchen doors and carcasses.
  • Usually these holes are not ready cut on doors and carcasses where there is a built in dishwasher or fridge unit. Peg holes are set with a 3″ setting from top or bottom of the door but the jig can be used to set any height using the centre lines.
  • There are pegs to set the correct distance in from the edge of the door.
  • The jig is small and easier to use than a 35mm hole cut out on a standard worktop jig.
  • Using a large jig can be difficult to clamp and level on a small door
  • Once the router is set up for the worktop joint it is easy to cut these at the same time.


  • Jig plate
  • 4x aligning pegs
  • Full user instructions

Directions for use:

Follow instruction manual.

Download Instructions

Click on the icon above to download a PDF document with written instructions for this jig.