Unika Aperture Jig


Manufactured by Europe’s leading worktop jig company, the Sink & Hob Aperture Jig will enable you to easily, quickly and neatly, rout recesses and apertures in worktops to take many types of sinks and most hobs.

The jig features four sets of radius curves, left and right hand, at 100, 80, 60 & 40mm radii. It also features a 90°angle, left and right hand, and a central slot that will enable you to cut straight cuts up to 480mm long.

In addition, each set of radius curves is paired with a set of peg holes that will set the jig at 50mm from the edge of the worktop if desired.

PLEASE NOTE: This jig is designed to cut internal curves and cuts for internal apertures only. Though it may be possible to rout external curves with this jig please note that the user does so at their own risk as this jig has not been designed for this function.

  • 12mm Hardwearing Compact Laminate Material
  • Guaranteed Never to Warp
  • Multiple Applications

Additional information


  • Make sure all cables are clear of the router.
  • Make sure the work piece is correctly supported.
  • Always use protective goggles when using the router.
  • Do not switch router on with blade touching the work.
  • Never remove the router when it is switched on and moving.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions to the path of the router.


  • Never try to cut more than 10mm depth on one cut.
  • Do not force the router too fast. This can damage expensive router bits.
  • Never remove the router from the jig whilst it is in motion. Always allow router to stop and switch off before removing.
  • Ensure that the section of the worktop to be routed out is well supported from below.
  • If routing for a long period of time, we advise that ear protection is worn.

Download Instructions

Click on the icon above to download a PDF document with written instructions for this jig.